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I realized lately that the memories I have when I was a kid are all related to food somehow: stealing peas from my grandparent's garden, freshly baked bread smothered in butter, eating twizzlers on summer holidays, tinfoil chicken on the barbeque. The reason this is so significant is because my brother often has to remind me of any other memories I should have. I've always had a strange fascination with restaurants and grocery stores and farmers markets. A holistic nutritionist by trade and an avid alternative diet researcher, my biggest passion is plant-based lifestyles, but I am open to trying anything. I want my blog to be about anything from the latest wine I've tried to eating falafel in Turkey. And my avenue to share about all the great experiences I've had. Enjoy!

Weekend in Seattle

Jami here, for my first ever guest blog post! After Rebecca had a great time eating burgers and drinking New York cocktails, she flew out to Seattle for the weekend. She arrived late Friday night, so we just had a … Continue reading

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