Home to Help

Returning from our trip to Africa, Rebecca and I received a call from a very special family member and learned that they had been diagnosed with cancer.  With support from Rebecca and my employer, I was able to head home to help on September 21st, 2019.  Rebecca was also able to join a few weeks later just in time for Thanksgiving.

There are so many things that I enjoyed about being back in Calgary and Strathmore.  I drafted a long list of the highlights but I’m going to keep that list to myself and close to my heart.  I was happy to help out where I could and do the drives into Calgary.  I am so grateful for the time, generosity, hospitality, and love I was shown from my family and friends while I was back.  It was the most time I’ve spent at home since leaving Canada in 2010, and man, I really loved it.  Rebecca and I said our goodbyes and returned to Abu Dhabi together on Nov 5th.

Kyle with his newborn son, Kellen

Uncle Dan with Soren and Ada

Thanksgiving at Mom’s

Uncle Steve pays us a visit

Meeting Jen and Steven for a beer at Origin

Bec and Dan on a hike in Kananaskis Country

A quick visit with Uncle Dale and Auntie Pat

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4 Responses to Home to Help

  1. Uncle Dale says:

    Well I think this was just a great blog. The pictures were fantastic thought mine wasn’t photoshopped quite enough. We really enjoyed your visit with us, especially Rebecca going those extra miles (literally). We’re going to make a real effort to have a visit on your territory. I’ll bring a selfie stick.

  2. kevinderickson says:

    Great photos! And so many special moments from your time back at home.

  3. Carole Slobodzian says:

    Nothing like family!!

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