March Visit to Cowtown

I connected in Toronto after departing NYC and arrived in Calgary around 1:30pm on March 25th.  Dad was there to greet me and gave me a lift out to Strathmore to pick up the car.  I got back into Calgary and made it to Scott’s just in time to head off to the Flames-Kings game down at the Saddledome.  The game was a bit of a sleeper with the Flames losing 3-nil, but we had seats by the Flames bench and I think Wyatt and Emery enjoyed that.

Wyatt keeping an eye on the bench

Emery, Scott, and Dan at the Flames game

On Tuesday, I was up early and off to the mountains.  I was the first up the lift at Lake Louise and skied for a solid 5 h.  That was enough for me and was soon on the road back to Calgary.

The next morning, I had breakfast with Wyatt and Emery and then headed over to Dad’s.  We took his new Brittany Spaniel pup out for a long walk through North Glenmore Park.  After that, Dad, JeriLynne, and I headed downtown to have lunch at Saltlik with Grandma Margaret, Barry, Carole, Bev, and Bec, who had arrived the day before.  Barry and Carole had delayed their trip to Phoenix just to see us so it was really nice to catch up with them.  Surprisingly, during lunch, Bec jumped out from her chair and ran abruptly out the door.  She soon came wandering back in with her friend Jen who she had seen walking by.  From there, I was off to Red Deer to see my youngest brother and his family.  Kevin was at work when I arrived, but Jordyn, Ada, and Soren were home.  I was happy to finally meet my newest nephew.  We played in the living room until Kev got home and then Rebecca arrived after making a couple of stops in NE Calgary.  Jordyn prepared a delicious meal for us and we enjoyed catching up.

Lunch at Saltlik

Rebecca, Grandma Margaret, and Dan

Bumping into a friend downtown Calgary

Dan and Soren

On Thursday, Kev was off to work for the morning.  Bec went to meet her friend Kim for coffee and I did a little shopping.  Bec then set sail back to Calgary to have lunch with Jen.  After meeting Kev back at the house for a bite, we loaded up and went to the Collicut Centre for a swim.  Both the kids seem to love the water.  That night, Kevin and Jordyn treated me to a nice sushi dinner at Shiso, a Japanese restaurant overlooking Rotary Park.

Kevin, Ada, and Dan at Shiso

Kevin and I took Ada for a walk to the nearby park on a nice sunny Friday morning.  I packed up and said goodbye to everyone and was soon southbound on the QEII.  Back in Calgary, I stopped in and had a good visit with Bev before Rebecca and Paige got back from their “facialiscious facials”.  We had a nice bottle of wine and a few games of crib before I headed over to Dad’s.  He was busy preparing a shrimp and scallop linguine and we also played some crib after dinner.

Dad and Shiloh

Rettenmier’s and the dogs

On Saturday, we were off to the airport after our short visit in Calgary.  Bec was excited to be flying in WestJet’s new Dreamliner.  We connected in Toronto and then made the big hop to AD.

Bec on WestJet’s new Dreamliner

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2 Responses to March Visit to Cowtown

  1. Uncle Dale says:

    Skiing, family, hockey, swimming, little relations and wine; it can’t get much better that. I can’t imagine though how Rebecca can fly half way around the world and see a friend walk by while having lunch at a restaurant. You two do it all.

  2. Karl says:

    Sorry we missed you guys…Joe W was in from Brisbane this past week and we had a lunch and pint. Also short time but we do what we can do…looks like life is great! Enjoy every moment!

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