Beating the Heat

We arrived back in Abu Dhabi after our Canadian vacation at the height of summer, although everyone seems to agree that this year was quite mild, relatively speaking of course.  The World Cup was entering the final stages, so we watched the matches down in the St. Regis Bar and joined our friends at the Saadiyat Beach Club to watch the final.  On Friday, July 13th, we welcomed Tiara, a 1.5-year-old female Labrador-Saluki mix, into our home where she would be spending the next 4 weeks.  Her family was transitioning back to Canada and couldn’t have her in their temporary accommodation.  We soon got a routine down and she settled in nicely.

Tiara and Camel

Tiara on a weekday morning walk

July 25th was our 9th wedding anniversary.  This year’s traditional gifts were willow, wicker or pottery. We celebrated that evening with an 125 minute Asian Discovery package at Remede Spa and had a fancy dinner in with foie gras, lobster and champagne.

Anniversary dinner

On the weekend, we spent Friday night in the Emirate of Ajman at the Oberoi Beach Resort Al Zorah.  The weather was terrific, and we spent most of the day poolside.  It was also a neat coincidence that our dinner chairs were wicker and the restaurant was full of pottery decorations in line with our anniversary theme.  We even stayed up to watch the Super Blue Blood Moon eclipse. Our friends were also nice enough to take care of Tiara for the evening.

Al Zorah poolside

Happy 9th dessert

Dan & Bec at Aquario

Al Zorah sunset

The days rolled over into August.  We attended a cocktail event at the Cristal Viewz Bar where the 2018 Bacardi Legacy Cocktail Competition winner, Erick van Beek, was serving up his winning drink, the Cariño.  We also went to our first comedy night at the Laughter Factory with some friends.  It was a funny night and the headliner was a Newfie. Our other social events with our Expat group of friends included tapas at Warehouse, dinner at Hakassan, drinks at BU! and a couple of movies at the Vox Cinema. Indoor activities only during this time of year.

Tiara was picked up and sent to the airport on August 9th.  That sweet girl really grew on us over the 4 weeks we had her, and it was tough to see her go.

Dan and his pup

Bec and I tried to keep up with the usual fitness regime with yoga, body pump, and an interesting class of spin and yoga.  I also kept busy leading up to our trip to Scotland with 2 hours of practical motorcycle training every evening from August 9th to 16th in order to obtain my motorcycle licence.

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2 Responses to Beating the Heat

  1. Uncle Dale says:

    Hey Dan and Rebecca. You guys have everything. Love the dog. Wish we could get a rental. We’re just coming off jet lag and happy turkey day. We’ Have to meet in Europe next time. France was brilliant. Olives by the thousands. Happy ninth. Where will you will you be for number 51?

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