Birthday Weekend

Bec had arranged for us to attend a Wine Club event with our friends Rene and Nadia for my birthday at the Four Seasons Hotel.  A representative from the Riedel glass company led us through an interesting tasting which focused more on how the glassware compliments the wine as opposed to just the wine.  We even got to keep the cabernet, syrah, and pinot noir glasses.  The group headed down to Zsa Zsa Bar afterwards for a light bite and a few glasses of wine, of course.

Dan, Rene, and the General Lee on Dan’s B-day

The Abu Dhabi Grand Prix weekend kicked off on Thursday, November 23rd.  Bec and I had attended in 2012, but hadn’t been back since so we decided to get tickets.  One of the things we like best about the Grand Prix is the concerts held every night over the 4 days.  We met a couple of Bec’s colleagues at the Belgian Beer Cafe after work and then walked over to the du Arena to take in Calvin Harris.

Dan & Bec at Calvin Harris

On Friday, we met our friend Spence at the Eastern Mangroves and set out on one of the solar powered donut boats.  We enjoyed a coffee and a few munchies while we cruised around the shallows.

Bec cruising the Eastern Mangroves of Abu Dhabi

Dan and Spence co-piloting the donut boat

On Saturday afternoon, we headed back up to the track to watch some of the races from the hill and walk around the F1 village. Mumford & Sons was the concert that evening.  Bec had seen them before at Lollapalooza in Berlin in the summer.  I left work a bit early on Sunday to make it up to the Grand Prix on time.  The final race started at 5:00 pm and Bec joined me halfway through.  Valtteri Bottas of Mercedes won the race, but it wasn’t enough to knock Lewis Hamilton off the 2017 throne.  That night, P!nk put on an amazing show for the final concert.  There was a pole in front of where we had chosen to stand and we both wondered what the heck it was for.  We found out during the encore, it was a landing perch for her well known high flying acrobatics.  So the pole slightly obstructing our view paid off in the end.  All in all, a great birthday weekend.

P!nk doing her thing

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2 Responses to Birthday Weekend

  1. Uncle Dale says:

    Geez Dan. Put Rebecca in touch with Auntie Pat. My last birthday was dinner at a Mexican restaurant with friends. No races, no concerts no exotic wine. Sounds like your birthday was a 4 day fun fest. I like it. Happy belated birthday!,,

  2. Judy Erickson says:

    Well my birthday was pretty darn good with almost all my family there and we didn’t have Pink but we got to see Dan do push-ups itch Wyatt sitting on his back!,

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