Chrit & Jaeda in the UAE

We arrived home from New York on the evening of Tuesday, October 31st.  We had to work the next day and suffered through our jet lag.  After work, we had a little nap before heading up to the airport to greet our friends.  Jaeda flew from Calgary via LAX and Chrit had just finished his 28-day hitch in Oman and flew in from Muscat.  We dropped them at their nearby hotel around 9:30 pm.  After freshening up, they walked over to our place where we had a late-night drink and a bite to eat while we caught up.

The next day, we had Chrit and Jaeda over for a proper meal at our place serving a salad and Uncle Steve’s penne arrabbiata.  We were also real happy to discover that our guests enjoy a few games of crib.

Two old friends in the kitchen

On Friday morning, Bec and I went over to Mushrif Park for a yoga session that was part of the Get Driver Fit program.  Once back at home, we met Chrit and Jaeda and went for a drive along the Corniche and then over to Marina Mall. We started to get a bit hungry so we went for lunch at Pool Bar in their hotel.  With everyone except Chrit still feeling the effects of the jet lag, we all had a little quiet time in the afternoon as we knew we had a big night coming.  We would be celebrating Spence’s 40th birthday.  We caught a taxi over to our friends’ place on the other side of the island.  His wife Jenn did an amazing job decorating the house and backyard.  The catered food and Jenn’s drinks were amazing…my favorite was the Mid-Life Crisis Margarita!  By the end of the night, we were all dancing it up in the backyard.

Jaeda and Chrit at a backyard 40th B-Day celebration

Dance Party with the Birthday Boy

The next day, we decided to spend the afternoon relaxing on the beach at Chrit and Jaeda’s hotel.  We had some snacks in our loungers and worked on our tans.  That night, we popped up to Ray’s Bar for a pre-dinner cocktail and then had a nice al fresco Italian dinner at BiCE.  The restaurant had a special menu featuring truffles and we all went for them in one form or another.

Ray’s Bar aperitif

Mocktail/cocktail hour

On Sunday, Bec and I had to report in for duty so Chrit and Jaeda headed to Dubai for a couple nights.  They arrived back in Abu Dhabi on Tuesday and we had them over for dinner.  Since everyone had enjoyed the truffles so much, we decided to keep up the theme.  We served wagyu striploins in truffle sauce with potatoes, portobellos, asparagus, and some wine from our Canadian cellar.  We had a crib rematch after dinner…it hurts me to admit it, but the ladies came away as the UAE Champions.  Damaged egos still in tact, we took the ladies for an evening stroll.  Chrit and Jaeda stayed at our apartment that night and we all turned in early as there was a flight to catch in the morning.  I said goodbye before heading into the office and Becca dropped Chrit and Jaeda at the airport on her way to work.

It was so nice to have some visitors as it’s been quite some time since we’ve had company here in AD.

Chrit, Jaeda, and Dan at Etihad Towers

The next day was Bec’s birthday.  I met her over at the Rosewood Hotel on Al Maryah Island after work.  We enjoyed a bottle of rosé Champagne and watched the sunset over the water.  I arranged to have some flowers and cake delivered to our table as well.

Happy B-Day Bec-Ret!

We also celebrated with our friends the following evening.  Laurie had discovered that a certain dinner takes place in a lofty perch once a month here in AD.  We had purchased tickets, along with Laurie, Nadia and Rene, to The Helipad Sunset Supper held on the 255 m helipad of the St. Regis Abu Dhabi at Nation Towers.  There was a saxophonist playing, the canapes were amazing, and the Champagne was free flowing.  Oh, and don’t forget those sunset views!  We then met up with Amanda, Jenn and Spence over at Cho Gao to finish off the night.  Somehow, we still managed to have more foodie room in us and we headed out to the Taste of Abu Dhabi food festival on Yas Island the next day. All in all, a pretty great birthday weekend!

Cheers at 255 m

Friday night lights

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3 Responses to Chrit & Jaeda in the UAE

  1. Uncle Dale says:

    That was some run you had when you got home. Happy very belated birthday Rebecca. You’re making birthday celebrations harder for the rest of us Dan. Hope you took a week or so to rest up after all that. It’s great to have company though isn’t it? Happy New Year! Keep the blogs coming in 2018.

  2. Judy Erickson says:

    Nice. So great to get together with old friends.

  3. Zack Klamn says:

    Haha, looks like so much fun! The “Mid-Life Crisis Margarita”…I gots ta know…
    Love Chrit’s G’n’R shirt as well! Keep rockin’ the Abu Dhabi teepee DT & Becs.

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