5 nights in Calgary

We touched down in Calgary around 6:00pm on October 23rd.  Bev was there to greet Bec, Roger was there with Wyatt and Emery to pick up Scott and Jenelle, Judy picked me up outside, and Kev and Jordyn caught the Park & Fly shuttle to their car.  Bec spent the evening with her mom and sister and I went out to Strathmore with Mom.  I popped over to my friend Kyle’s place and had a good catch up with him and his parents.

On Tuesday, I was up super early so I drove into Scott and Jenelle’s in the city.  I saw Wyatt off to school and hung out with Emery until Roger came to pick her up.  From there, I stopped by Dad and JeriLynne’s.  My brothers and I pitched in to get him some custom seat covers for the Tacoma and I helped him put those on.  Dad and I then went for lunch at the nearby Moxie’s Grill and Bar.  Meanwhile, Bec made the drive out to Cochrane for coffee with her girlfriends Megan and Kim.  We then met up at her dad Barry’s place that afternoon.  He and Carole were busy getting ready for their flight to Phoenix the next morning.  We had a glass of wine before heading over to Trinity Lodge to pay Grandma Margaret a visit.  We had a game of crib in the lounge and her friends’ were ribbing her about winning at Bingo the night before.  From there, we took Margaret out for dinner at Wellington’s.  She told us the doctor said she was low on iron so she ordered the liver and onions and nearly finished it.  We said goodnight and wished Barry and Carole a good time in Phoenix.

Bec and Kim visiting Megan in Cochrane

Grandma Margaret and Bec at Wellington’s

Saying goodbye after dinner

The next day, I saw Wyatt off to school again and headed over to Dad’s soon after.  We popped out and ran a few errands while JL saw some clients.  Bec did some Westhills shopping and popped by at noon where we were served a homemade Earl’s Sante Fe chicken salad for lunch.  That afternoon, I popped up to Scott’s new employer’s facility in NE Calgary.  I was given a top notch tour and met some of his colleagues.  Back in the south, I met Kyle, his sister Kathleen, and his kids Karina and Kaden for pizza at PZA Parlour.  From there, it was downtown to meet Rebecca at Jen and Steven’s place (who recently re-located from London).  Jen’s sister Laurie and her husband Grant, who stayed with us in Abu Dhabi, were there too.  There were also a bunch of Bec’s old WestJet colleagues there as well.  It was nice to catch up with all of them after so long.

Kaden and Karina at PZA Parlour

Good ole Calgary Tower

Jen & Bec

WestJet Reunion – Carrie Brown, Nancy, Jen, Amit, Neil, and Bec

On Thursday, I packed up and hit the number 2 northbound.  I arrived in Red Deer around noon.  Bec and Bev weren’t far behind me after popping in to see Margaret for a quick visit.  Coincidentally, our cousin Kirk was in town as well so we had a nice visit over lunch at Kevin and Jordyn’s.  After lunch, Kevin, Jordyn, their daughter Ada, and I headed over to the Collicut Centre for a swim.  The water was nice and warm, perfect for a 10 month old.  After the swim, I popped over to see Bev and Bec at Cousin Stacy’s place and tried one of his homemade beers.  Back at Kev’s, he showed me all of the trees that came down during the summer’s wind storm while Ada finished her nap.  That night, Kev and Jordyn served a Mexican meal with tortilla soup and taquitos and we played a few crib matches.  I think Bec, Paige and Bev had a movie night back in Calgary.

Ada and Uncle Dan

Swimming in Red Deer

Dan, Bec, Stacey, and Bev in Red Deer

On Friday, Bec spent the day with her sister walking the dogs over coffee, getting massages, and then grabbing burgers for lunch.  I saw Kev off to work and waited for Ada to get up.  I hit the road back to Strathmore soon after and surprised our friend Jaeda.  She would be flying to Abu Dhabi in just a couple of days and didn’t know we were back in Canada.  Mom and Vern were busy loading up the truck and trailer all while entertaining as friends of theirs stopped by to wish them well.  It was Mom’s birthday so the 3 of us headed into the city for a BBQ dinner at Scott and Jenelle’s, not without stopping to watch Wyatt’s hockey practice.  He’s in first year novice and is doing quite well.  We wished Mom a happy birthday and her and Vern headed back to Strathmore.  They would be traveling south bright and early the next morning.

Paige with Saedie and Nova

Wyatt and Bec on Mom’s birthday

Wyatt, Uncle Dan, and Emery having some burgers

Bev and Paige drove us to the airport the next morning under the most incredible sunrise.  We said goodbye to Calgary and boarded our flight to New York City.

Sunrise to see us off

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2 Responses to 5 nights in Calgary

  1. Uncle Dale says:

    That was a very busy 5 days. Looks like you had great weather too. You’re pretty lucky to have such cute nieces and a handsome nephew. Try to keep warm at Christmas and have a very happy New Year.

    • danroyerickson says:

      Hey Uncle Dale. It’s our first Christmas abroad so we shouldn’t have any trouble keeping warm here in Abu Dhabi. Merry Christmas!

      Sent from my iPhone


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