Eid Weekend in Berlin

The end of June also marked the end of Ramadan and a 3 day public holiday in the UAE. We decided this would be a great opportunity for Dan to spend some time in Berlin. He flew in via Düsseldorf on Friday, June 23 arriving at 6:00 pm. After meeting him at the airport and getting settled we went for a cocktail at Hackendahl, which is near my place and, funnily enough, where we went for cocktails with Jami and Tarina back in 2015.

On Saturday, I took Dan for lunch in Thai Park. He felt like soup so we both went for the pork noodle selection. We enjoyed the delicious soup and then went for a relax on the grass. It soon started to rain so we grabbed a couple of dumplings to go and were on our way. Our next stop was the Berlin Botanical Gardens for the Wein Sommer event. We explored the gardens and then found the wine tasting tents, grabbed a couple of glasses, and sat at a picnic table where a few locals chatted us up. We tried a few different varietals from the Peth-Wetz vineyard before setting off to explore the rose gardens. We ended up back at the Wein Sommer fest and grabbed another glass along with a meat and cheese platter. After filling our bellies and grabbing a few bottles to take back we set out. It was still early and a nice evening so we decided to grab a night cap at Newtown Bar before making our way home.

Dan exploring the Botanical Gardens

Wein Sommer

On Sunday, we pulled a bucket challenge and went for coffee and a light breaky at the Unicorn. From there, we slowly wandered over to Mauerpark and then decided to have lunch at The Bird, a recommended burger joint nearby. It started to rain as we were finishing up lunch so we headed for home.

Mauerpark spray paint wall

The Bird burger

That evening, we went to the Art of Banksy exhibition, featuring works from the famous British street artist. After finishing at the exhibition, the clouds were looking pretty ominous so we thought we had better duck inside a nearby restaurant where we ordered the beer meter tasting. Later on, we went to watch the film and light show at 10:15 pm at the riverbank next to the Reichstag building. It was raining so we brought a towel to sit on and our umbrellas. We hit the hay after that as we had a morning bus ride to catch to Prague.

The Art of Banksy

Beer meter tasting

Film and light show


About rrettenmier

In September 2010, Dan and I received working visas for the United Kingdom. We sold our condo, quit our jobs and packed our bags to move to London. This blog (though a few months late) is designed to update our friends and family back home about where we are and what we are up to.
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4 Responses to Eid Weekend in Berlin

  1. Uncle Dale says:

    One of these days I want your exact route. It sure sounds like a fun time. And I wouldn’t even care if I didn’t make it through that whole metre of beer.

  2. Zack Klamn says:

    Dan’s in perfect form for the beer tasting and Bec’s I like the prim and proper breakfast look. A great read, looking forward to the Prague one next! Hopefully the morning bus ride was palatable.

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