Bec’s Visit to AD

I was off to the airport early on the morning of Friday, March 17th.  It had been almost 6 months since Rebecca left for Berlin and she was finally coming for a visit.  We arrived back at the apartment and were hoping to spend some time at the pool, but it was really windy and it was not great pool weather.  Instead, we caught up on some Scandinavian trip planning and some other household things.  That evening, we met some friends at The Galleria on Al Maryah Island.  We enjoyed happy hour at Bentley Bistro then checked out the new Mexican restaurant called Loca.

Bentley Bistro (should say Welcome Bec!)

On Saturday, our friends, Laurie and Amanda, were kind enough to invite us, along with Jenn and Spence, to join them for an afternoon of boating.  The weather had made a turn for the better.  We all met at 1:00pm at Yas Marina and set out on the water.  We threw down the anchor on a spit of beach opposite Yas Beach and Laurie surprised us with a bottle of champagne.  We set up on the beach and had a nice afternoon BBQ.  We lazed around and chatted until it was time to head back to port.

Girls enjoying the beach

Boys chilling post beach bbq

My ongoing weekend project included some bar related concoctions.  I made a rum based crème de cacao, bottled some homemade bitters that had been infusing, and recreated The Last Hipster.  The latter was a cocktail Bec ordered at The Barking Dog in Copenhagen and really enjoyed.  So, I emailed them for the recipe and they were happy to oblige.  The recipe was a bit involved as it required making homemade falernum and something called Hipster Juice.

Infusing in progress (Hipster Juice on left and falernum on right)

Finished product…The Last Hipster

I took Sunday off work so Bec and I got in some well deserved pool time.  That night, Nadia and Rene came by for dinner.  We tested the Last Hipster with some bruschetta then had a dinner of spaghetti carbonara.  We had a little rest before I took Bec up to the airport for her red-eye flight back to Berlin.  It was great having her home for the weekend!

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5 Responses to Bec’s Visit to AD

  1. Uncle Dale says:

    Great weekend. Hope the apartment was clean Dan. Those drinks sound like something you could make in Canada next time you’re home. I’ll be the tester.

    • danroyerickson says:

      Sounds good Uncle Dale. I’ve been honing my bartending skills by keeping Bec well watered.

      On Sun, May 7, 2017 at 2:47 AM, Bec and Dan's Overseas Adventure wrote:


  2. Judy Erickson says:

    Niiiiiice weekend!

    • danroyerickson says:

      It was a nice weekend here in Abu Dhabi.

      On Sun, May 7, 2017 at 3:32 AM, Bec and Dan's Overseas Adventure wrote:


  3. rrettenmier says:

    It was a wonderful weekend! Great to be back in Abu Dhabi and visit with friends.

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