Falcon Cabin

The morning after Kevin and Jordyn’s wedding, Bev, Rebecca, and I paid Cousin Stacey a visit at his home in Red Deer.  We couldn’t stay too long as we had a big drive ahead of us that day.  We passed through Penhold to say goodbye to Kevin and Jordyn on our way to Calgary.  When we arrived we grabbed our luggage, stopped by Dad and JeriLynne’s, and did some grocery shopping.  We were then on our way to Fairmont Hot Springs, British Columbia for a week of relaxation at the Falcon Cabin.

After our scenic drive through Kootney National Park, we arrived around 8:00pm at the vacation home we had rented for the week.  The Falcon Cabin is a well kept 5 bedroom home located in Fairmont Village.  It has a beautiful patio that stretches the entire upper floor, a back patio with a fire pit, a lovely living room and kitchen with vaulted ceilings, huge windows, and a two-sided fireplace.  It also has a games room and entertainment/pub room downstairs with a walk-out basement.  We had a chance to get settled before Dad and JeriLynne arrived with their dogs Max and Molly.

After breakfast the next morning, Dad and I headed up the road to Invermere where we bumbled through an antique shop or two (one of Dad’s favorites).  Back at Falcon Cabin, we greeted Rebecca’s mom, Bev, and then BBQ’d some 8oz burgers and cobs of corn for lunch.  That afternoon, we went for one of Dan’s famous nature hikes which included spotting a couple mule deer. However, it ended with us blazing some new trail and walking home in the rain along Highway 95…C’est la vie!  That evening, Dad BBQ’d two racks of rosemary marinated lamb…delicious!

Burgers and corn with Dad & JeriLynne

Burgers and corn with Dad & JeriLynne

On Tuesday, we said goodbye to Dad and JeriLynne.  Bev, Bec, and I drove to Golden to meet Kevin, Jordyn, Uncle Steve, and Auntie Susan at the Golden Municipal Campground and RV Park for lunch. We BBQ’d some gyros while trading a few stories about the wedding.  Saying goodbye, Kevin and Jordyn headed back to enjoy the last night of their “mini-moon”.  Steve and Sue met us back at the cabin after taking the scenic Hwy 93.  That evening, we enjoyed a wonderful roasted carrot, kale, and freekeh salad, and maybe a few bottles of wine.

Picnic on the banks of the Kicking Horse River

Picnic on the banks of the Kicking Horse River

The next day Scott, Jenelle, Wyatt, Emery, and Kali arrived followed shortly by Mom, Vern, and Buddy to make it a full house.  We BBQ’s hotdogs and smokies for lunch and had a relaxing afternoon on the patio.  Scott, Wyatt and I spent a little time playing with the new radio controlled 4×4. We had a cedar smoked steelhead trout on the BBQ for dinner that night followed by a delicious blueberry pie (compliments of Bev), while listening to the pouring rain.

Cabin Rules

Cabin Rules

Food and family

Scoot and Jenelle getting the wee ones fed

Steve and Sue checked out the next day while we packed up the beach bags and drove up to the Fairmont Hot Springs.  It wasn’t exactly sun tanning weather, but the pools are toasty 365 days a year.  Scott and I couldn’t resist a few cannon balls off the high diving board and that seemed to get Wyatt’s courage up to do a few brave jumps off the low board.  Barry and Carole arrived that afternoon. We enjoyed playing a few trivia games out on the patio before it started to lightly rain. The ladies then sent the men out on foot into a fierce hailstorm to get the necessary ingredients for a taco salad, but we made it back alive.

Miss Emery and Mom

Miss Emery and Mom

Group shot in the springs

Group shot in the springs

What gravity?

“Gravity?  Never heard of it.”

The 2 Most Interesting Men in the World

The 2 Most Interesting Men in the World

On Friday, we said goodbye to Scott, Jenelle, Wyatt, Emery, Mom, and Vern.  Barry, Carole, and I opted for a rejuvenating visit to the hot pools while Bev and Bec checked out the shops in the resort.  Our friends Jami and Tarina arrived that afternoon and we really enjoyed catching up with them.  Jami had traveled from Seattle just to see us.  New Year’s Eve in Seattle maybe?  Barry BBQ’d some burgers for us that night.

Mom and Dan with the kiddos

Mom and Dan with the kidawees

Dan, Carole, and Barry before our restorative soak

Dan, Carole, and Barry after our restorative soak

Barry and Carole were on the road back to Calgary early the next morning via the Crow’s Nest route. Bev also hit the highway and that left me and the girls. We decided a hike was in order so we cruised up Poet Trail, which merged to Valleyview Trail, before arriving safely at the base of Fairmont Hot Springs Family Ski Area.  We enjoyed the views over a picnic lunch near the lodge.  We made it back to enjoy the first real sunny afternoon on the patio. That evening, we made sure to use up the last cedar plank with a tasty soho salmon fillet and the remaining open wine bottles.

Poet Trail with the ladies

Poet Trail with the ladies

Last night at Falcon Cabin

Last night at Falcon Cabin

We said so long to the gals on Saturday morning after we packed everything up.  We had a fabulous time at Falcon Cabin and hope everyone walked away with some great memories.

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4 Responses to Falcon Cabin

  1. hitthesauce says:

    New Years in Seattle for sure!

    It was so fun spending time with you guys at the cabin. Thanks for having us!


  2. Uncle Dale says:

    Looks like a good time had by all.

  3. Carole Slobodzian says:

    It was a great time and we especially enjoyed Bev’s singing! The scenery on the way home was worth the extra hour or so.. Beautuful Great weekend Many Thanks Carole Bear

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