Kevin and Jordyn Tie the Knot

After a one day impromptu visit to Chicago, we flew to Calgary on Tuesday, July 7th. Bec went to visit her mom and sister and I went to see Scott, Jenelle, Wyatt, and Emery.  After a nice visit, Mom picked me up and we drove out to Strathmore.

The next day was Stampeding time.  Rebecca’s dad Barry had generously given us some tickets to the rodeo.  I met Paige and Rebecca at our infield seats and enjoyed the show. Barry was working down at the grounds but popped by to say hello. I left the grounds after the bull riding and drove back out to Strathmore.  My Uncle Steve, Auntie Susan, Auntie Yvonne, and Cousin Ally had arrived by car from Vancouver.  That night, we enjoyed a delicious dinner and the evening weather on Judy and Vern’s back patio.

The next morning I drove back into the city to spend some time with Dad and JeriLynne.  We visited for a bit before Dad offered to take me for lunch at Seanachie.  He also volunteered to help me prepare for our week in Fairmont so after lunch we went to Superstore for dry goods and liquor.  That evening, Scott and Jenelle hosted dinner at their place for Steve, Susan, Yvonne, and Ally.  Bec and I were loving the summer BBQ’s every night.

On Friday, we set course for Kevin and Jordyn’s wedding weekend in Red Deer.  We checked into the hotel, got settled, and then Wyatt and I hit the waterslide.  Rebecca made a run out to Sylvan Lake to see her friend Kim.  We then met up at the Penhold Memorial Hall for Kevin and Jordyn’s rehearsal dinner.  Some friends and relatives of the soon-to-be-wed had spent the day decorating the hall and some had parked RVs in the parking lot.  Kev’s groomsmen were introduced to the bridesmaids and we ran through the ceremony with the official.  For dinner, a slow roasted pig and all the fixings were prepared for another great summer BBQ style meal.

The Big Day

That morning, I met the guys at the hotel restaurant for a big breakfast.  At about 11:00am, I drove the groom and groomsmen to the house where we’d prepare for the wedding.  Kev had some great gift packs for us all that included engraved money clips, cigars, cigar cutters, and a mickey.  It was nice to prepare for the wedding with the guys.  The limo arrived at 1:00pm and took us to Coronation Park where we found Jenelle and a few others preparing for the ceremony.  The guys hid out in the shade of some pines while we waited for the girls and the bride to arrive.  The ceremony was beautiful and it choked me, and the rest of the groomsmen, up more than once.  There was a family photo session before we hopped into the limo and drove to the River Bend Golf and Recreation Area to have some photos done along the Red Deer River.  It was gorgeous and a very fitting location considering the misadventures we’d had on the same river just 3 weeks prior.  The limo then took us to the reception dinner at Penhold Memorial Hall.  We arrived at 6:00pm and the bride and groom were given a very warm welcome.  The emcee did a great job and there were some very nice speeches made while we enjoyed the delicious roast beef dinner.  With the formalities out of the way, everyone was keen to get dancing.  The DJ played a nice mix that got everyone out on the floor and we celebrated until the wee hours of the morning.  I was honored to be a part of their special day and Rebecca and I wish them many happy years together.

The Rettenmier Ladies looking terrific

The Rettenmier Ladies looking terrific

Kev and Jordyn with the Erickson and Lorentzson brood

Groom’s side family pic

Kev and Jordyn with the Erickson Clan

Kev and Jordyn with the Erickson Clan

Kev and Jordyn with the Mitchell side

Kev and Jordyn with the Mitchell Family

Bouquet toss avec ninja kicks

Bouquet toss avec ninja kicks

A nice kiss along the Mighty Red Deer River

A nice moment along the Red Deer River

Congratulations you two! Looking so good.

Congratulations Kevin & Jordyn!

The above formal wedding pictures were taken by Lindsay Nickel Photography.

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6 Responses to Kevin and Jordyn Tie the Knot

  1. kevinderickson says:

    Great post guys! We were so happy to have you both be a part of our festivities!!

    • danroyerickson says:

      It was our pleasure. We had a great time. It was the first wedding we’d been to since our own.

      Sent from my iPhone


  2. Judy Erickson says:

    Great write up. Well done and the pics de it even better.

  3. Uncle Dale says:

    Finally I can say, “We were there.”

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