On Sunday May 12th, 2013 I flew to Beirut, Lebanon for work. It was a busy week so not much time to sight see but we spent our evenings at Zaitunay Bay, which had a number of restaurants to choose from. Of course I tried some delicious Lebanese food and wine.

Dan was originally going to join me on Wednesday night but couldn’t make it due to work commitments. He was on site for 2 weeks and just got back to Abu Dhabi Thursday night. Guess we will just have to go back another time.






About rrettenmier

In September 2010, Dan and I received working visas for the United Kingdom. We sold our condo, quit our jobs and packed our bags to move to London. This blog (though a few months late) is designed to update our friends and family back home about where we are and what we are up to.
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One Response to Lebanon

  1. Uncle Dale says:

    It looks super Rebecca. Next time Dan can’t go to a place like this let me know.
    Uncle Dale

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