Our First Visitor

On Friday, June 22nd, we traveled up to Dubai.  A few of Rebecca’s ex-coworkers from Calgary were arriving that day on business.  We met Amit at the Crowne Plaza in the Festival City area of Dubai.  We had a nice lunch with him and then relaxed by the pool.  That night, we met up with Amit and the rest of the group at the Belgian Café in the InterContinental Hotel (same chain as in Abu Dhabi…for those who read the last blog, I finally got my Belgian beer!).  We were also joined by an old friend of mine from university.  Jeff has been living in Dubai for the last year and a half.  He now rotates into Africa for work so he isn’t around a lot.

Rebecca and Amit at Barasti

Dan and Jeff at Barasti

The group of us headed out on the town and were soon at an huge outdoor bar called Barasti in the Marina area.  It was a little warm to be outside for that long, but the cool drinks helped.  We finished the night at a club called Rock Bottom in the TECOM area.  It was a lot of fun.

Dan and Rebecca below the Burj Khalifa

The next morning, after sleeping in, Amit, Rebecca and I went to the Dubai Mall for a late breakfast.  We wondered around the mall a bit before heading back to the hotel.  Rebecca and I then made our way back to Abu Dhabi.  It was nice to see some people from home.

Rebecca and Amit enjoying a lemon and mint drink

Amit had planned to stay in the UAE after his business was out of the way to do some sightseeing.  He came down to Abu Dhabi for a night so we went out for a nice Thai dinner.  The next day, while we were at work, Amit visited the Grand Mosque and Ferrari World.  He stayed into the evening before heading back to Dubai so we went for a walk along the Corniche and had a bite to eat outside near the beach.

Amit and Rebecca at sunset on the Corniche

Rebecca and Dan at dinner on the Corniche

The next weekend, Amit was still in Dubai so we went back again.  We met him at his hotel and caught a taxi to the Old Souk (Market) in Old Dubai.  We toured the textile souk where Rebecca was offered pashminas of every shape and color under the sun.  We then caught an old boat taxi across Dubai creek to the Spice and Gold Souks.  It is incredibly large and packed with people selling their wares.  It was a little overwhelming on the senses, but we survived.  Amit left early the next morning, so Rebecca and I got our pool time in then did some shopping at the Dubai Mall.  Before heading back to Abu Dhabi, we stopped at Dustin’s place in the suburbs of Dubai.  Dustin was one of the people who were responsible for inviting us to Abu Dhabi back in December.  We caught up with him on his patio over a couple of beer.

Spice Souk

Water Taxi across Dubai Creek

Sheikh Zayed Road in Downtown Dubai

This weekend we are staying put in Abu Dhabi.  Rebecca’s acquaintance, Angela, has invited us to an American Independence Day celebration at the St. Regis Hotel on Saadiyat Island tonight so we will be heading out soon.  We looked for a Canada Day celebration but couldn’t find one, so we will be celebrating with our neighbors to the south.  Sounds like fun.

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