Rendezvous in Barcelona

As Rebecca mentioned in her last post, we met at the Barcelona airport on the evening of Friday, November 4th. We made our way to our apartment in the old quarter of Ribeira. That night, we met Karin and her husband, Luigi, at a very nice wine bar, Monvinic. Rebecca met Karin at her wine course in Tuscany. On Saturday, we went to Guell Parc to see some of Gaudi’s works and had lunch at a tapas restaurant near Placa Catalunya. Later that day we went to Barceloneta to see my friend, Steve Valentini, play in a football match. It wasn’t FC Barcelona, but we did get to see Steve chase down a guy on a break-away, trip him, and get red carded and expelled from the match. Steve is there doing his MBA. We relived the red card experience and had a good visit with Steve that night at La Fianna bar near our house. The girls thought they made the best Mojitos. On Sunday, we visited the Cathedral Santa del Mar, Cuitat Parc, Parliment, and the Arc de Triomphe. Later that evening, we watched the Barcelona vs Bilbao match at a bar called Obama and is decorated in a British Africa theme. We then had a late dinner of tapas at Ciudad Condal, an awesome restaurant we found on our honeymoon. On Monday, we toured Camp Nou, FC Barcelona’s stadium, which is the largest stadium in Europe. We had lunch with Jen before parting ways with her and heading for the airport for our flight to Porto, Portugal.





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1 Response to Rendezvous in Barcelona

  1. Jennifer says:

    Haha, the red card. It’s still funny.

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