Uncle Steve and Auntie Susan in Albania!

On late Wednesday, my Uncle Steve and Auntie Susan arrived in the small Balkan nation of Albania.  They stayed in the capital that night.  The next day, they ventured into a furgon (minibus) headed to Vlore.  Rebecca and Judy met them at the Muradi Mosque in a taxi and got them back to our apartment.  That night we dined at home on Greek cuisine including saganaki cheese, moussaka, and Greek wine.

I had to work on Friday, but that didn’t stop our guests from heading down the strip on their own.  They walked down to the Uji I Ftohte tunnel and back, stopping in at Sunset Beach Restaurant for a nice lunch.  That night, we had dinner at the Ideal Restaurant near our place.  Everyone had a nice seafood dinner, except me…I had the 16 oz T-bone.  Afterwards, we set off some fireworks on the beach with some of the other ex-pats in Vlore.

On Saturday morning, Rebecca and I did our long run out to Zvernec while everyone had breakfast and a quite morning.  That afternoon, we jumped in the truck and headed to the ancient site of Apollonia.  We wandered around the ruins then stopped in the Orthodox Church.  We stopped in Fier for some byrek and dhalle before heading back to Vlore.  In Vlore, we walked through Independence Square to see the monument, Qemali’s grave and the ancient wall.  We got home to find Rebecca busy preparing a Mexican meal for us.  We had guacamole, nachos, lime shrimp tacos, and a bean salad.  There were also margaritas and Corona as well.

Uncle Steve and Auntie Susan’s tour of Southern Albania started on Sunday morning.  We met their tour guide downstairs at Hannover Bar and said our goodbyes.  We are planning to see them again in Tirana at the end of their tour.  We had such a nice time with them and we are so glad they came to visit!

Having a drink and snack on the patio

Saturday afternoon at the apartment

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