Upcoming Travels

We thought we would put up a post to mention our upcoming holidays.  On Thursday, June 24, we are both going to the Tirana airport, but parting our separate ways.  I am going to England to meet my friend, Kyle, and Rebecca is going to India to meet her 2 friends, Jami and Jen.

I overnight in London and meet Kyle early the next morning.  We immediately fly to Amsterdam for 2 nights.  We then take the train to Berlin and spend 3 nights there.  I am hoping to see my step-brother, Brady, his wife, Lena, and their daughter Ida.  We are renting a car to travel to southern Germany where Kyle was born.  We are taking a train from Lahr to Geneva, Switzerland where we are meeting with an old friend from Strathmore.  We then train to Zurich for 2 nights before we fly to Albania.  Kyle will be in Albania for 4 nights before heading back to Canada.

Rebecca is flying to Delhi through Vienna and Munich to meet the girls.  They spend 3 nights there before going down to Agra to see the Taj Mahal.  Then, they will travel to the cities of Jaipur, Bundi, and Udaipur.  On July 3, they begin a 4 week Yoga teacher training course.  It is 6 days a week.  They begin their day at 5:00 am with  mantra chanting, a mix of yoga practice, and in the afternoon there is theoretical study, more yoga and mantra meditations before dinner.  The meals are ate in silence and all the food is vegetarian (no caffeine or alcohol either).  Very intense!  Her connection to the outside world will be very limited during this time. She gets back to Albania at the beginning of August to enjoy one month of the Meditteranean summer.

So, it may be a while til our next post, but we hope that everyone enjoys their summer.

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