Open House in Vlore

Rebecca and I had been talking about having some people over to our place for some time now.  We decided to host an Open House on Saturday, June 4th to thank everyone who has shown us their hospitality.  We invited my co-workers from the Fier and Vllahine offices, both Albanian and Canadian.  We also invited the people we have gotten to know here in Vlore such as the 2 brothers who own the coffee bar downstairs, the local restaurant owner, the owner of our flat, and the ladies from the local grocer.  We weren’t sure if it was customary to do this sort of thing, but we did anyway.

We spent the morning preparing appetizers and getting the drinks chilled.  We prepared some Canadian delicacies like devilled eggs, ants on a log, and Rebecca even baked some peanut butter cookies.  We made guacamole, a veggie platter, a fruit platter, and a meat and cheese platter.  We also got some help from the restaurant downstairs.  He prepared a tonne of food for us including the biggest platter of mixed meat I have seen in a while.  We were a little scared we got too much food, but it all was eaten!  To drink, we served pop, juice, raki, wine, and beer.

Everyone started to arrive at 2 pm and we quickly had a party going.  It was a very good turnout with over 40 people attending.  Outside, it was shaping up to be a beautiful day with hardly any clouds in the sky.  This was a relief because they forecasted a possibility of showers and I don’t think we could have fit everyone inside.  People were enjoying the view from the patio and the air conditioning inside.  We also received some nice gifts like sweets, wine, and salt?  We weren’t sure how long everybody would stay, but everyone was gone by 7 pm.

It was nice to do some socializing away from work and we really enjoyed hosting.  We are already planning the next one…maybe August?  All of our blog readers are invited too!  See you there!

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1 Response to Open House in Vlore

  1. Neil Stark says:

    Ants on a log. Mmmmm!!!!!

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