Wine Course in Italy

For those of you who know me even a little bit you might have picked up on the fact that I love my wine. So when I found out they were offering an English wine course in Tuscany I just had to go. Dan and I took the level 1 WSET (Wine & Spirit Education Trust) course in Calgary in November 2009. This course was the next level of the program which focused on the key grape varietals and what countries/regions they are predominantly grown in.

I flew to Florence, connecting through Rome, on Thursday May 19th. I arrived in the late afternoon, grabbed a taxi to the Fonte de Medici hotel in the heart of the Tuscany region and arrived just as the sun was setting. The next morning was the start of my wine course and we were going to  the Antonori Wine Estate-Tenuta Tignanello. You should be able to find some of their wines backs home! Our class consisted of 8 students – 2 Canadians, 1 Australian, 1 Argentinian, and 4 Italians, from novice wine drinkers like myself to educated Sommeliers. We tasted a number of truly amazing wines from all over the world, champagne, port and tokaji (a sweet wine from Hungary).

My last night in Tuscany Karin and I drove to Greve where we had another amazing Italian dinner. On Monday, May 23rd I got dropped off in Florence in the afternoon, took a taxi into the city centre to the Piazza del Duomo to meet Filomena, the Canadian from the wine course for dinner. We walked to another Piazza for some cocktails because it was too early for dinner at 7:00 pm. Then we walked to a little restaurant she had found(she is currently living in Florence for 4 months) and we had another delicious meal! Did I mention how fabulous the food is in Italy?

The next morning I was scheduled to fly at 7:00am to Rome however my flight out of Florence was delayed so therefore I missed my connection in Rome at 10:10am. The next flight wasn’t until 9:00pm so I hopped on the train into Rome! I bought a hop on hop off bus ticket and toured the city sights on the top deck of the open air bus, stopping for lunch near one of my favourite spots in Rome, the Trevi fountain. It was an unexpected adventure but it was nice to see Rome again-one of my favorite cities. I got back to the airport, took my flight back to Albania with the high school swim team from Kosovo, and got a room at the Tirana Airport Hotel for the night. All in all it was a fabulous trip!

About rrettenmier

In September 2010, Dan and I received working visas for the United Kingdom. We sold our condo, quit our jobs and packed our bags to move to London. This blog is designed to update our friends and family back home about where we are and what we are up to, as well as to share our adventure with others.
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