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Easter in Italy

This past weekend we celebrated Easter in Italy with some friends from Canada. Enza, her husband Mike, and her sister Angela were there visiting their family. We took the night ferry from Durres on Thursday evening and arrived in Bari early Friday … Continue reading

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Italy Bound

Just wanted to let everyone know that we are heading to Italy this evening on the night ferry to meet up with Enza and Mike, some friends from Canada, who are there visiting Enza’s family. We are back on Sunday … Continue reading

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Llogora Pass

Last Saturday April 9th, we drove south of Vlore up to The Llogora Pass. The pass is a mountainous area that separates Vlore from the Albanian Riviera. The pass road climbs to 1,000m above sea level and is said to have some of the best views … Continue reading

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Byrek, or as we would pronounce it, Burek, is a staple in the Albanian diet. It is served in homes as a main meal and you can also buy it from a number of fast food restaurants. Basically it is made with … Continue reading

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Tavë me Presh – Recipe #4

The translation for Tavë me Presh is baked leeks. Ingredients: 2 lbs leeks 1/2 cup oil 3/4 cup chopped onion 1/2 lb ground meat 1 tablespoon tomato sauce Mild red pepper, chopped Salt & Pepper Directions: Trim ends of leeks … Continue reading

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Many of you have asked “What language is spoken in Albania?”. For the majority of us, it is a language we have never even heard of. The language that is spoken is Albanian, or Shqip as they would say here, however many Albanians also speak other … Continue reading

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