Hampton Court Palace

Another week here in London. Last Friday night, we made our first Kosher dinner for our flat mate Debbi. Saturday morning, we went for a longer than planned run through Hampstead Heath. Dan took us for a planned 5 km but turned out to be more like 10 km. We then had brunch at a nice spot in the area called The Horseshoe.  On Sunday, we joined Debbi at her gym over in Cricklewood. We spent 3 hours there – they had a gym, pool, sauna and steam room. Monday and Tuesday were pretty chill so on Wednesday we decided to take the train out to Hampton Court, where Henry VIII spent a lot of his time. We saw the Great Hall where he threw his parties, the kitchens where they prepared the lavish feasts and the immense Gardens.  They were also setting up to film Sherlock Holmes 2 while we there!

That evening we watched Elizabeth I and on Thursday we watched Elizabeth the Golden Age-trying to catch up on our British movies while we are here. Yesterday’s excitement included having a plumber install a dishwasher in Debbi’s kitchen then heading into Golders Green to the Starbucks to use their internet.  The router in Debbi’s flat is on the fritz so we are not very connected. Tonight, we are having dinner in Finchley at a friend of Debbi’s.  Tomorrow is Holocaust Memorial Day in the UK and Debbi has invited us to her Synagogue to listen to a speaker. It should be very interesting.

About rrettenmier

In September 2010, Dan and I received working visas for the United Kingdom. We sold our condo, quit our jobs and packed our bags to move to London. This blog is designed to update our friends and family back home about where we are and what we are up to, as well as to share our adventure with others.
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1 Response to Hampton Court Palace

  1. Neil Stark says:

    Thanks for all the updates. Keep them coming. Can’t wait to hear about the latest adventure.

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